Resource URLs

Each Orchestrator REST API-exposed entity has a resource representing it. To get a resource representation, request its URL.

Orchestrator REST API v7.1 requests use the following new base URL format:



The default port number is 9898.

The current version is v7.1.


Only the v6, v7 and v7.1 versions of the Orchestrator REST API are supported.

To get a collection of Orchestrator REST API resources, request the base URL followed by a resource collection endpoint. For example:


To get a representation of an individual resource, enter a resource identifier after the resource collection endpoint. For example:


The resource identifier is represented by the id property of the resource from the collection. For example:



   "name": "Columbus",

   "id": "12f39f64-245e-4430-a82e-126497007641",




   "name": "Ontario",

   "id": "b063f440-2f15-45aa-a8f7-196be6f652ba",