Step 5. Specify NAS Access Options

At the NAS Filer step of the wizard, specify options for accessing the storage system. You will see this step if you selected the NAS Filer check box at the Specify NetApp Server Name or Address and Storage Role step of the wizard.

  1. In the Protocol to use section, select check boxes next to protocols over which you want to work with the storage system.
  2. During storage rescan, backup and restore operations, Veeam Backup & Replication automatically creates required export rules on the storage system. If you do not want Veeam Backup & Replication to create export rules, clear the Create required export rules automatically check box. This option works both for SMB and NFS protocols.
  3. If you plan to work with specific storage volumes, you can limit the storage rescan scope. In this case, Veeam Backup & Replication will rescan only the volumes that you select. Limiting the rescan scope reduces the amount of time required for the rescan operation.

To select volumes to rescan, click Choose to the right of the Volumes to scan field. In the Edit Volumes window, select volumes you want to rescan:

  • To exclude volumes from rescan, select All volumes except and click Add. Click From infrastructure to select volumes from your storage infrastructure, or By wildcard to select volumes using a wildcard character.  
  • To rescan only specific volumes, select Only the following volumes and click Add. Click From infrastructure to select volumes from your storage infrastructure, or By wildcard to select volumes using a wildcard character.
  • If you leave All existing volumes check box selected, Veeam Backup & Replication will rescan all volumes in the storage hierarchy.

After you finish working with the wizard, you can change the rescan scope and start the rescan process manually at any time. For more information, see Rescanning Storage Systems.

  1. To rescan storage systems, you need to configure a backup proxy. On the right of the Backup proxies to use field, click Choose and define backup proxies.
    • Select Automatic selection to let Veeam Backup & Replication pick a backup proxy automatically. Veeam Backup & Replication will check which backup proxies have access to the storage system, and automatically assign an optimal backup proxy for rescan.
    • Select Use the selected backup proxy servers only to explicitly select a backup proxy that must be used for rescan. It is recommended that you select at least two backup proxies to ensure that rescan is performed if one of backup proxies fails or loses its connectivity to the storage system.


In order to back up file shares residing on this storage system, do not forget to do the following:

  1. Run the storage infrastructure rescan to discover file shares. You can either select this option at the last step of the wizard, as described in Finish Working with Wizard, or manually start the storage discovery, as described in Rescanning Storage Systems.
  2. Add the storage system or its part as a file share to the inventory of the virtual infrastructure, as described in Adding Enterprise Storage System as NAS Filer.

Step 5. Specify NAS Access Options