General Requirements and Limitations

[For VM Agent integration] Backup infrastructure for storage snapshots has the following requirements and limitations:

  • [For IBM Spectrum Virtualize 8.4.2 and later with iSCSI connectivity] During storage rescan, storage snapshot export to a proxy is required. If the default proxy is used, Veeam Backup & Replication creates a service host with the "VeeamAUX" prefix in the default portset of the storage system. If you want to send traffic using a custom portset, you can manually specify the required portset in the service host settings. If another proxy is used, check that the host that performs the proxy role has the required portset in the host settings.
  • CHAP authentication is not supported for storage systems working over iSCSI.
  • SAS connections are not supported.
  • Veeam Backup & Replication does not display volumes and snapshots with the '"VeeamAUX'" prefix in the storage hierarchy. Such volumes are used for service purposes and are filtered out.
  • IPv6 Support

    IPv6 is supported for the following storage systems:

    If only management IPv6 connection is supported for a storage system, you can add this storage system to backup infrastructure using IPv6 address. However, all data traffic will be transferred over IPv4.


    Temporary IPv6 addresses are not supported for backup infrastructure components and backed-up machines. For more information about using temporary addresses, see this RFC section.

    To use IPv6 addresses and resolve names using IPv6, configure IPv6 communication as described in IPv6 Support.

    Kerberos Authentication

    For Kerberos requirements and limitations, see Kerberos Authentication Requirements and Limitations.