NetApp Data ONTAP/Lenovo Thinksystem DM Limitations

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    If you plan to perform operations with NetApp Data ONTAP/Lenovo Thinksystem DM storage snapshots, consider the following limitations:

    • [For VMware integration] Veeam Backup & Replication may fail to perform backup from secondary storage arrays if SVM/volumes have identical names between primary and secondary storage arrays.
    • [For VMware, Veeam Agent integration] When the storage is added as a specific SVM, and not as a whole cluster, you must set up Aggregation List for vServer so that FlexClone Volume would work properly. Otherwise, errors like this will arise: ‘Cannot create volume. Reason: aggregate aggr1 is not in aggr-list of Vserver svm-dr-nfs.’
    • Depending on the protocol type and operating mode of the storage system, Veeam Backup & Replication uses different technologies to perform Backup from storage snapshots.

    You may need to install additional licenses. You need to install one license, even if several technologies can be used for snapshot clone creation.

    • [For VMware, NAS integration] NetApp FlexGroups are not supported for storage snapshot integration scenarios (including NAS Backup).
    • [For VMware integration] For VMs whose disks are hosted on different VMware datastores (multi-home), restore is not supported if several SnapMirror/SnapVault relationships are configured for one source volume.
    • [For VMware integration] Multi-home restore is not supported for NetApp 7-mode with NFS protocol (all snapshots) and for SnapMirror Target Snapshots with NFS or iSCSI/FC protocol.