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Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5
RESTful API Reference


The filter parameter lets you filter the query results to limit a set of displayed items.

By default, the query results are not filtered: Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager displays all items as a list. Using the filter parameter, you can display only those items that match the necessary criteria.

The filter component in the query string has the following format:


where the filter criteria are specified as the "field=value" pairs.

For example, using the query below, you can get a backup job with the Exchange Backup name:


GET http://localhost:9399/api/query?type=job&filter=name=="Exchange Backup"



200 Success


Response Body:

<QueryResult xmlns="">
   <Ref Type="JobReference" Href="http://localhost:9399/api/jobs/568c42ce-eb11-4140-92cf-39ab36712bf5" Name="Exchange Backup" UID="urn:veeam:Job:568c42ce-eb11-4140-92cf-39ab36712bf5">
       <Link Rel="Up" Type="BackupServerReference" Href="http://localhost:9399/api/backupServers/21a631e0-af7f-46ba-afbd-273de2e6fd4a" Name="localhost" />
       <Link Rel="Alternate" Type="Job" Href="http://localhost:9399/api/jobs/568c42ce-eb11-4140-92cf-39ab36712bf5?format=Entity" Name="Exchange Backup" />
       <Link Rel="Down" Type="BackupJobSessionReferenceList" Href="http://localhost:9399/api/jobs/568c42ce-eb11-4140-92cf-39ab36712bf5/backupSessions" />
 <PagingInfo PagesCount="1" PageSize="100" PageNum="1">
     <Link Rel="First" Href="http://localhost:9399/api/query?type=job&filter=(name%3d%3d%22Exchange+Backup%22)&pageSize=100&page=1" />
     <Link Rel="Last" Href="http://localhost:9399/api/query?type=job&filter=(name%3d%3d%22Exchange+Backup%22)&pageSize=100&page=1" />


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