Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4
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Represents a mount point resource having the specified ID.

Mount points are specific Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager objects that provide access to VM guest OS files. The /vmRestorePoints/{ID}/mounts/{ID} resource becomes available only after the client performs file-level restore for the VM by sending the POST HTTP request to the /vmRestorePoints/{ID}/mounts resource. To learn more, see (POST) /vmRestorePoints/{ID}/mounts.

During the restore process, Veeam Backup & Replication mounts VM disks to the Veeam backup server. As a result, the VM guest OS files can be accessed through the mount point by the following path: C:\VeeamFLR\<vm-name>. The client can browse the VM guest file system, get the necessary files and folders and restore them.

The /vmRestorePoints/{ID}/mounts/{ID} resource is available only within the currently existing logon session. After the logon session expires, all created mount points become inaccessible.

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The following methods are supported for the /vmRestorePoints/{ID}/mounts/{ID}} resource:

Resource Representation

The /vmRestorePoints/{ID}/mounts/{ID} resource has a resource representation of the following type:

<VmRestorePointMount xmlns="" Type="VmRestorePointMount" Href="http://localhost:9399/api/vmRestorePoints/fb87163e-687d-4006-96c9-0451b5423b85/mounts/1">
   <Link Rel="Delete" Type="VmRestorePointMount" Href="http://localhost:9399/api/vmRestorePoints/fb87163e-687d-4006-96c9-0451b5423b85/mounts/1" />
   <DirectoryEntry Type="DirectoryEntry" Href="http://localhost:9399/api/vmRestorePoints/fb87163e-687d-4006-96c9-0451b5423b85/mounts/1/Volume$0:">
   <DirectoryEntry Type="DirectoryEntry" Href="http://localhost:9399/api/vmRestorePoints/fb87163e-687d-4006-96c9-0451b5423b85/mounts/1/C:">
   <DirectoryEntry Type="DirectoryEntry" Href="http://localhost:9399/api/vmRestorePoints/fb87163e-687d-4006-96c9-0451b5423b85/mounts/1/E:">


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