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Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4
RESTful API Reference

GET Method

The GET HTTP method is used to read data or retrieve information about a resource. In case of success, the GET HTTP method returns the HTTP response code 200 Success; in the response body, the method returns a representation of the resource.

In the example below, the GET HTTP method is used to retrieve a resource representation of the default backup repository entity:


GET http://localhost:9399/api/repositories/3efc471c-04be-4dd1-9ed2-54e7fddc5ecf?format=Entity



200 Success


Response Body:

<Repository xmlns="" Type="Repository" Href="http://localhost:9399/api/repositories/3efc471c-04be-4dd1-9ed2-54e7fddc5ecf?format=Entity" Name="Default Backup Repository" UID="urn:veeam:Repository:3efc471c-04be-4dd1-9ed2-54e7fddc5ecf">
   <Link Rel="Up" Type="BackupServerReference" Href="http://localhost:9399/api/backupServers/21a631e0-af7f-46ba-afbd-273de2e6fd4a" Name="localhost" />
   <Link Rel="Alternate" Type="RepositoryReference" Href="http://localhost:9399/api/repositories/3efc471c-04be-4dd1-9ed2-54e7fddc5ecf" Name="Default Backup Repository" />
   <Link Rel="Down" Type="BackupReferenceList" Href="http://localhost:9399/api/repositories/3efc471c-04be-4dd1-9ed2-54e7fddc5ecf/backups" />
   <Link Rel="Down" Type="ReplicaReferenceList" Href="http://localhost:9399/api/repositories/3efc471c-04be-4dd1-9ed2-54e7fddc5ecf/replicas" />


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