About VEShell

Veeam Management Pack for Microsoft System Center (Veeam MP Microsoft System Center) for  comes with Veeam Virtualization Extensions Shell (VEShell). VEShell extends functionality of Microsoft Windows PowerShell and allows administrators to automate configuration and management of Veeam MP for Microsoft System Center Virtualization Extensions Service (VE Service).

Most operations that can be performed using the Veeam Virtualization Extensions UI, can be run directly from the VEShell command line. You can manage monitored VMware servers and Collectors, configure monitoring groups, define Virtualization Extensions settings, balance monitoring load, install and update the license.

Operations performed with VEShell have the same force as operations performed using Veeam Virtualization Extensions UI. For example, if you remove a monitoring group with VEShell, the group will be removed from the Virtualization Extensions Service configuration and you will not be able to undo the changes.

To allow configuration and management operations, VEShell provides a set of its own cmdlets and object classes described in this reference. Work with VEShell cmdlets and scripts in many respects depends on your imagination, skills and expertise in Windows PowerShell.

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