Resource Changes

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    The topic provides information on operation, parameter and schema changes made in the Veeam Backup for AWS REST API 1.3-rev0.

    Collection Changes

    The /settings resource collection was replaced by the /workers collection. For more information on new resource collections, see New Resources.

    Operation Changes

    The /userStatus endpoint was replaced by the /overview/userStatus endpoint.

    Schema Changes

    The following changes in the REST API schemas were made:

    • EfsPolicy schema:
    • Added the backupIndexingSettings property that includes the new EfsPolicyBackupIndexingSettings subschema.
    • EfsPolicySpecification schema:
    • Added the backupIndexingSettings request body parameter that includes the new EfsPolicyBackupIndexingSettings subschema.
    • EfsRestorePoint schema:
    • Added the hasIndex property.
    • EfsRestoreEntireSpecification schema:
    • Removed the itemRestoreCollection request body parameter.
    • Removed the name, encrypted and kmsKeyArn request body parameters.
    • The differentLocationSpecification request body parameter includes the new EfsRestoreEntireToDifferentSpecification subschema instead of the previous EfsRestoreToDifferentSpecification subschema.
    • Rds schema:
    • Added the instanceType property.
    • RdsRestorePoint schema:
    • Added the auroraClusterDetails property that includes the new RdsRestorePointAuroraClusterDetails subschema.
    • RdsRestoreSpec schema:
    • All request body parameters applied only to restore to different location are moved to the new RdsRestoreToDifferentSpec subschema represented by the restoreToDifferentSpec property.
    • The IAMRoleId, accessKey and secretKey request body parameters are replaced by the authenticationSpecification parameter that includes the AuthenticationSpecification subschema.