Resource Changes

The topic provides information on operation, parameter and schema changes made in the Veeam Backup for AWS REST API 1.5-rev0.

Query Parameter Changes

The following changes in query parameters of HTTP requests were made:

  • Added the FlrEfsTask enum value to the Types query parameter in the GET /api/v1/sessions operation.

Schema Changes

The following changes in the REST API schemas were made:

  • HTTP POST /api/v1/accounts/amazon request:
  • Added the CloudAccountPermission optional property to the AmazonAccountCreateSpec request body schema.
  • HTTP PUT /api/v1/accounts/amazon request:
  • Added the CloudAccountPermission optional property to the AmazonAccountUpdateSpec request body schema.
  • VmRestorePointStartDataRetrievalSpecification schema:
  • Added the notifyAfterCompletion optional property.
  • DiskBulkRestoreOptions, VirtualMachineRestoreOptions, AmazonConnectionSpec, ValidateVpcRoleSpecification and VpcConfigurationRestoreSpecification schemas:
  • Replaced the IAMRoleId, accessKey and secretKey optional properties by the AuthenticationSpecification schema.
  • RdsPolicySpec/RdsScheduleSettings schema:
  • Added the RdsHealthCheckScheduleSettings optional property.
  • RdsPolicySpec/RdsScheduleSettings/RdsDailyScheduleSettings schema:
  • Added the DailyBackupScheduleSettings optional property.
  • RdsPolicySpec/RdsScheduleSettings/RdsWeeklyScheduleSettings schema:
  • Added the WeeklyBackupScheduleSettings optional property.
  • RdsPolicySpec/RdsScheduleSettings/RdsMonthlyScheduleSettings schema:
  • Added the MonthlyBackupScheduleSettings optional property.
  • RdsPolicySpec/RdsScheduleSettings/RdsYearlyScheduleSettings schema:
  • Added the sendBackupsToArchive optional property.
  • RdsPolicyExportModel schema:
  • Added the RdsBackupSettingsExportModel and RdsArchiveSettingsExportModel optional properties.
  • RdsRestoreSpec schema:
  • Added the RdsRestoreBackupSpec optional property.
  • RdsRestoreSpec/RdsRestoreToDifferentSpec schema:
  • Added the RdsExistingInstanceDbRestoreSpec optional property.
  • RescanCloudAccountSpec/RescanType schema:
  • Added the DynamoDb enum value.
  • RdsPolicy and RdsPolicySpec schemas:
  • Added the PolicyArchiveSettings and RdsPolicyBackupSettings optional properties.
  • RepositoryCreateSpec and RepositoryUpdateSpec schemas:
  • Added the customEndpoint optional property.
  • Repository schema:
  • Added the RepositoryOwnershipInfo required property.
  • Added the customEndpoint optional property.
  • Session/ExtendedSessionType schema:
  • Added the RdsBackupInstanceRestore and RdsBackupDatabaseRestore enum values.
  • PolicyItemsPage/PolicyItem/PolicyItemDeletedFromAmazon schema:
  • Added the DynamoDbTable enum value.
  • RdsRestorePoint/RdsJobTypes schema:
  • Added the RdsBackup and RdsBackupCopy enum values.
  • ConfigurationBackupRestorePointModel/ConfigurationBackupRestorePointCountersModel schema:
  • Added the dynamodbPoliciesCount optional property.
  • CheckConfigurationResult/CheckConfigurationLogLine/CheckConfigurationType schema:
  • Added the RepositoriesOwnership enum value.