Resource URLs

Each Veeam Backup for AWS REST API-exposed entity has a resource representing it. To get a resource representation, request its URL.

Veeam Backup for AWS 7.0 REST API requests use the following base URL format:



The default port number is 11005. You can change the default REST API port as described in section Configuring Security Settings.


The port required to communicate with the REST API service must be opened on the backup appliance. To open the port, you must add an inbound rule to the security group associated with the backup appliance. To learn how to add rules to security groups, see AWS Documentation.

  • <version> is an API version.

The current version is v1.

To get a collection of Veeam Backup for AWS REST API resources, request the base URL followed by a resource collection endpoint. For example:

To get a representation of an individual resource, enter a resource identifier after the resource collection endpoint. For example:

The resource identifier is represented by the id property of the resource from the collection. For example:



   "id": "c36824e9-0c3e-4892-8dff-44fd56968506",

     "name": "forBackup",




   "id": "8cbd230f-0694-4b4d-b831-6308cafd6022",

     "name": "vb-test-byol",