Exports the current Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows application settings, backup job configuration and statistics information to the output XML file.

Export NOTE

For security purposes, Veeam Agent Configurator does not export password values to the output XML file.


The backup job must be configured on the machine. If the backup job is not configured, Veeam Agent Configurator reports an error in the command output XML file and does not export the application settings and job configuration.


Veeam.Agent.Configurator.exe -export [/id:] [/f:]







Configuration ID. This parameter is generated by Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows. This parameter is used to export the particular job configuration.

If this parameter is not specified, all configurations are exported to the output XML file.



Path to the exported configuration. If the target folder does not exist, Veeam Agent Configurator will create it.

If this parameter is not specified, the default path is used: C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Endpoint\!Configuration\Config.xml.

Example of Use

This example exports the application data and backup job configuration with f5bb9cd2-9b7d-4bb8-4c54-653cec24420c ID to the Configuration.xml file in the C:\Veeam\ folder.

Veeam.Agent.Configurator.exe -export /id:f5bb9cd2-9b7d-4bb8-4c54-653cec24420c /f:C:\Veeam\Configuration.xml

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