Input and Output XML Files

To export and import data from/to Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows, Veeam Agent Configurator uses XML files. Veeam Agent Configurator operates with two types of files:

  • Output XML files contain the current application settings backup job configuration and statistics information exported from Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows.
  • Input XML files contain application settings and backup job configuration that must be set up in Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows.

Application settings, backup job configuration and statistics information data is always saved to a single XML file. By default, the file is located in the C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Endpoint\!Configuration\ folder on the machine where Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows is installed. However, you can use a file stored in a custom location.

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <ExecutionResult ExitCode='0' Version='5.X.X.XXXX'>
     <JobInfo ConfigId='00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' CryptId='00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' CryptType='10' JobDesc='Created by VMWIN2\Administrator at 1/9/2019 2:16 AM.' JobMode='2' JobName='Backup Job' ObjectName='VMWIN2' PolicyJobName=''>
         <EpDiskFilter BackupAllUsbDrives='False' BackupMode='1' BackupSystemState='False' BackupUserFolders='False' PartialConfig='False'>
           <Drive FilterType='0' IsExternaldrive='False'>
             <VolumeOrPartitionId MountPoint='C:\' Type='1' />
               <String value='C:\' />
             <ExcludeFolders />
           <IncludeMasks />
           <ExcludeMasks />
       <TargetInfo DriveName='F:\' RelativePath='VeeamBackup\' Type='1' />
       <StorageInfo BlockSize='3' CompressionLevel='5'>
         <Encryption Enabled='False' />
       <RetentionInfo RestorePointsCount='14' />
       <CacheInfo Enabled='False' />
         <Applications Enabled='False' ProcessTransactionLogs='True'>
           <Credentials Password='' UserName='' />
           <Sql Mode='1'>
             <Credentials Password='' UserName='' />
             <Backup BackupMinutes='15' Enabled='False' Expirable='True' ExpireDays='15' />
           <Oracle AccountType='0' LifetimeHours='24' Mode='0' SizeGB='10'>
             <Credentials Password='' UserName='' />
             <Backup BackupMinutes='15' Enabled='False' Expirable='True' ExpireDays='15' />
             <Credentials Password='' UserName='' />
           <Script Mode='0' PostThawPath='' PreFreezePath=''>
             <Credentials Password='' UserName='' />
         <Indexing Enabled='False' Type='3'>
           <IncludedFolders />
             <String value='%windir%' />
             <String value='%ProgramFiles%' />
             <String value='%ProgramFiles(x86)%' />
             <String value='%ProgramW6432%' />
             <String value='%TEMP%' />
       <ScheduleInfo AtLock='False' AtLogOff='False' AtStorageAttach='False' CompletionMode='0' EjectRemovableStorageOnceBackupIsCompleted='False' LimitBackupsFrequency='False' ResumeMissedBackup='False' RunManually='True' UseBackupWindow='False' Version='1'>
         <SyntheticFull Enabled='False' />
         <ActiveFull Enabled='False' />
         <HealthCheck Enabled='False' />
         <Compact Enabled='False' />
         <RetryInfo Enabled='True' TimeoutMinutes='10' Times='3' />
       <StatisticsInfo AverageDuration='00:06:06.8250000' LastPointSize='1459957760' TotalSize='13091151872' />
     <ApplicationSettings CheckUpdates='True' CryptId='00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' CryptType='10' DisableControlPanelNotification='False' DisableScheduledBackups='False' DisableWakeupTimers='False' EnableUserFlr='False' LastCheckForUpdates='01/09/2019 04:50:40' LockDownMode='False' LogoText='Veeam Agent' ServiceProviderMode='False' ShowBackupDuration='False' ThrottleBackupActivity='True'>
       <EmailReport Notification='True'>
         <Header From='' Subject='[%JobResult%] %ComputerName% - %JobName% - %CompletionTime%' To='' />
         <Conditions Failure='True' Success='True' Warning='True' />
         <Smtp Port='25' SecureConnection='False' Server=''>
           <Credentials Password='Enter the password here' UserName='amVyYWxkLmJsYWtl' />
       <Throttling DisableBackupOverMeteredConnection='True' LimitBandwith='True' RestrictVPNConnections='False' RestrictWiFiNetworks='False' SpeedLimit='2' SpeedUnit='2' />
     <Notification Message='Configuration has been exported to C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Endpoint\!Configuration\Config.xml' />

Special Characters in XML

Some characters have a special meaning in the XML syntax and are reserved for internal purposes. You cannot use these characters to describe property values in the input XML file. If you use these characters in property values, Veeam Agent Configurator will not be able to parse the input XML file and will report an error in the results of command execution.

If you need to specify one of these characters in property values, you must replace it with the appropriate string.


Character Replacement












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