Single-Parameter Categorization

Single-parameter categorization is based on infrastructure object properties specified within a hypervisor. When you select a property as a categorization condition, Veeam ONE Client automatically creates groups for each unique value of the selected property. All objects with the same property value will fall into one group.

Groups created using the single property method have dynamic membership. If the property value changes, the objects can be moved into another group or excluded from categorization when the next data collection runs.

For example, you can categorize VMs based on their power state to include only powered on VMs into a plan. After data collection, Veeam ONE Client will create three groups: Powered On, Powered Off and Suspended. If a VM power state changes, this VM will be moved into another group next time data collection runs.

To categorize objects using a single property:

  1. Open Veeam ONE Client.
  2. In the inventory pane, navigate to the Business View node.
  3. Launch the Add Category wizard:
  1. In the information pane, switch to the Categories tab.
  2. In the Actions pane, click Add Category.

Alternatively, in the Business View tree, right-click the main node and select Add Category.

Launching Categorization Wizard

  1. At the Name and Object Type step of the wizard, enter a category name and an object type.

Adding Categories

  1. At the Categorization Method step of the wizard, select the Single parameter option.

Single-Parameter Categorization 

  1. At the Grouping Criteria step of the wizard, select an object property.

Single-Parameter Categorization 

  1. Click Save.

Veeam ONE Client will create an individual group for each unique value of the selected property.