Comparison Expressions

Comparison expressions let you compare resource parameters with specific values. Comparison expressions have the following format:



  • <parameter> is a name of the query parameter that you are able to use for filtering.

To learn what query parameters are available for a specific resource, see the Query Parameters section in the GET HTTP method description of the resource. For example, GET /backupServers/{ID}.

  • <operator> is an operator that compares the parameter and value. For details, see Comparison Operators.
  • <value> is a parameter value.

Comparison Operators

Comparison expression may contain the following operators.

Comparison Operator

Query Syntax Character




The resource parameter must be greater than the specified value.



The resource parameter must be less than the specified value.



The resource parameter must be equal to the specified value.

Does not equal


The resource parameter must not be equal to the specified value.

Greater or equal


The resource parameter must be greater than or equal to the specified value.

Less or equal


The resource parameter must be less than or equal to the specified value.


If a resource parameter has an array of possible values, the values are compared by their index. For example, the Result parameter of a backup job session has the following possible values listed in the acceding order:

  • Success
  • Warning
  • Failed

In this example, the Failed value is greater than the Success value.


To get a backup job with the Exchange Backup name, use the following query.


GET https://localhost:9398/api/query?type=job&filter=name=="Exchange Backup"



200 OK


Response Body:

<QueryResult xmlns="">
   <Ref Type="JobReference" Href="https://localhost:9398/api/jobs/568c42ce-eb11-4140-92cf-39ab36712bf5" Name="Exchange Backup" UID="urn:veeam:Job:568c42ce-eb11-4140-92cf-39ab36712bf5">
       <Link Rel="Up" Type="BackupServerReference" Href="https://localhost:9398/api/backupServers/21a631e0-af7f-46ba-afbd-273de2e6fd4a" Name="localhost" />
       <Link Rel="Alternate" Type="Job" Href="https://localhost:9398/api/jobs/568c42ce-eb11-4140-92cf-39ab36712bf5?format=Entity" Name="Exchange Backup" />
       <Link Rel="Down" Type="BackupJobSessionReferenceList" Href="https://localhost:9398/api/jobs/568c42ce-eb11-4140-92cf-39ab36712bf5/backupSessions" />
 <PagingInfo PagesCount="1" PageSize="100" PageNum="1">
     <Link Rel="First" Href="https://localhost:9398/api/query?type=job&filter=(name=="Exchange+Backup")&pageSize=100&page=1" />
     <Link Rel="Last" Href="https://localhost:9398/api/query?type=job&filter=(name=="Exchange+Backup")&pageSize=100&page=1" />