Represents the following license counters that do not consume a Veeam Cloud Connect license installed on the service provider backup server:

  • New machines

New machines do not consume license instances immediately. Instead, they are displayed in the representation of the /freelicenseCounters resource. Starting with the first day of the next calendar month, the new machines take license instances and move to counters in the representation of the /cloud/tenants/{ID} resource. For details, see the New Workloads subsection of the Veeam Cloud Connect Guide.

  • Rental machines

Rental machines are backed up to the cloud repository of the Veeam Cloud Connect service provider and do not consume the service provider license. For details, see the Rental Machines Licensing section of the Veeam Cloud Connect Guide.

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The following methods are supported for the /cloud/tenants/{ID}/freelicenseCounters resource:

GET /cloud/tenants/{ID}/freelicenseCounters

Resource Representation

The /cloud/tenants/{ID}/freelicenseCounters resource has a resource representation of the following type.

<CloudTenantFreeLicenseCounters xmlns="http://www.veeam.com/ent/v1.0" Href="">
   <Link Rel="Up" Type="CloudTenant" Href="" Name="QWE Systems" />


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