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    Represents a collection of all tasks created by Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager in response to client requests within the currently existing logon session.

    Resource URL


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    The following methods are supported for the /tasks resource:

    (GET) /tasks

    Resource Representation

    The /tasks resource has a resource representation of the following type:

    <Tasks xmlns="http://www.veeam.com/ent/v1.0">
     <Task Type="Task" Href="https://localhost:9398/api/tasks/task-29">
         <Link Rel="Delete" Type="Task" Href="https://localhost:9398/api/tasks/task-29" />
       <Result Success="true" />
     <Task Type="Task" Href="https://localhost:9398/api/tasks/task-30">
         <Link Rel="Delete" Type="Task" Href="https://localhost:9398/api/tasks/task-30" />
       <Result Success="true">
         <Message>Job "SQL Server Replication" triggered to start.</Message>


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