Step 3. Choose Restore Mode

At the Restore Mode step of the wizard, choose whether you want to restore Cloud SQL instances to the original or a new location:

  • To restore instances with initial settings to their original location, select Restore to the original location.

If you select this option, you will proceed to the Reason step of the wizard.


Mind the following:

  • With this option you can restore only Cloud SQL instances that were deleted 5 days ago from Google Cloud. To perform a restore of such instance, you must have an image-level backup.
  • This option is not available if a name of the instance that you want to restore matches the name of the instance added to the Google Cloud project.
  • To restore instances to a different location or with different settings (such as subscription, network settings and so on), select Restore to a new location, or with different settings.

If you select this option, the Restore to GCP SQL wizard will include additional steps.

Step 3. Choose Restore Mode