Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 REST API uses pagination to return in a response a defined number of resources per page. By default, the server returns the first 30 items of a collection resource on a page. To change this behavior, you can define the following page attributes:

  • offset — excludes from a response page the first N items of a collection resource. The default value is 0.
  • limit — limits the maximum number of items that the server will return on a page. The maximum supported number of items per page is 10,000. The default value is 30.

Pagination Note

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 REST API returns resources in the default order based on its own semantics.

For example, to return a page with 10 mailboxes starting from the 20th, send the following request:

GET https://<hostname>:<Port>/v6/RestoreSessions/{restoreSessionId}/organization/mailboxes?offset=19&limit=10

If it is possible to navigate to other pages, the server will also return the links to the first, previous, and next pages. For example:

"_links": {

   "first": {

     "href": "/v6/RestoreSessions/bb8572a4-56e5-4f7d-92e3-a0488c304ea6/organization/mailboxes/479ae6aa-610b-4652-8966-5db06021903c/folders?offset=0&limit=10"


   "prev": {

     "href": "/v6/RestoreSessions/bb8572a4-56e5-4f7d-92e3-a0488c304ea6/organization/mailboxes/479ae6aa-610b-4652-8966-5db06021903c/folders?offset=9&limit=10"


   "self": {

     "href": "/v6/RestoreSessions/bb8572a4-56e5-4f7d-92e3-a0488c304ea6/organization/mailboxes/479ae6aa-610b-4652-8966-5db06021903c/folders?offset=19&limit=10"


   "next": {

     "href": "/v6/RestoreSessions/bb8572a4-56e5-4f7d-92e3-a0488c304ea6/organization/mailboxes/479ae6aa-610b-4652-8966-5db06021903c/folders?offset=29&limit=10"



In addition to the offset and limit attributes, for some requests, the server returns the setId property. This property helps to navigate the response pages using the response cache.