PUT Method

The PUT HTTPS method is used to update the properties of a resource, for example, edit the backup repository settings.

The PUT HTTPS method requires a request body. The body of the request must contain an updated representation of the resource. The body may contain all resource properties or only the properties you want to edit. For example, to edit the backup repository settings, send the request of the following type:


PUT https://hostname:4443/v7/BackupRepositories/{repositoryId}


Request Header:

Authorization: Bearer <Access-Token>


Request Body:


 "name": "ABC Support Monthly",

 "retentionPeriodType": "Monthly",

 "monthlyRetentionPeriod": "6",

 "retentionFrequencyType": "Monthly",

 "description": "Monthly Reports",

 "monthlyTime": "00:00:00",

 "monthlyDaynumber": "Last",

 "monthlyDayofweek": "Sunday"


In case of success, the PUT HTTPS method returns the HTTP response code 200 OK or 204 No Content. In the response body, the method can return an updated resource representation.