Resource Changes

The following list contains changes to operations and schemas. Note that these changes do not affect REST API v6.0 functionality:

  • The GET /Jobs/{jobId}/JobSessions method was removed.
  • New optional parameter was added to the request for the GET /JobSessions method. This parameter is jobId. For more information, see Get Job Sessions.
  • The /licensing/reports resource collection was substituted with the /licensing/statistic resource collection.
  • For the GET /License and GET /licensing/statistic/reports/latest methods, the date and time are returned in the UTC format.
  • The enableImmutability and glacierInstantRetrievalEnabled properties were added to the request of the POST /objectstoragerepositories method and to the response of the GET /objectstoragerepositories and GET /objectstoragerepositories/{repositoryId} methods.
  • For the GET /RestorePoints method, format of the response was changed to page. For more information, see Get Restore Points.
  • For the GET /Organizations/{organizationId}/Users and GET /Organizations/{organizationId}/Users/{userId}, the organization user ID is returned by the server in different format and includes the backed-up organization ID.