Filter Parameters

You can use filter query parameters to filter items of a resource collection to return a subset of resources in a response. The subset includes only those resources that satisfy parameter value specified in the query.


The nameFilter query parameter is used to filter items by the substring specified as the nameFilter value. The substring can be a part of any resource parameter.

To filter items, use the following methods:

  • In the nameFilter parameter, specify a full string that must match one of the item parameters.
  • In the nameFilter parameter, specify a substring that one of the item parameters must contain. To do this, use the asterisk (*) character at the beginning of the nameFilter value, at the end or both.

For example, to return a list of sessions that contain the Working substring in any of their parameters, send the following request:


Other Filter Parameters

Some resource properties of Veeam Backup & Replication REST API schemas can be used as filter query parameters.

For example, to return a list of job sessions, specify the Job value of the typeFilter parameter in the following request:


To learn more about properties of a specific resource that can be used as a filter query parameter, see the REST API Reference.

Page updated 2/15/2024

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