New Features

The following new features were introduced in REST API 1.1-rev1.


In this version, the REST API supports two new types of jobs:

  • vSphereReplica — VMware vSphere replication jobs
  • CloudDirectorBackup — VMware Cloud Director backup jobs

For these new jobs, all existing operations are supported.

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Managed Servers

Now you can manage VMware Cloud Director servers. The ManagedServerModel object now includes the CloudDirectorHostModel object, and the EManagedServerType enum type now have the CloudDirectorHost value.

For Cloud Director servers, all existing operations are supported. To get an array of vCenter Servers attached to a specific Cloud Director server, use the new Get vCenter Servers Attached to Cloud Director Server request.

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WAN Accelerators

The REST API allows you to get WAN accelerators that you can use when configuring replication jobs.

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Replica Restore Points

New endpoints for managing restore points of snapshot replicas allow you get restore points for further failover to VM replicas.

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Failover and Failback

Now you can use the REST API to fail over to VM replicas and fail back from VM replicas to production VMs.

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File Restore

REST API 1.1-rev1 supports all file restore operations both for Microsoft Windows and Linux machines. You can restore files and folders to the original location or another machine including Linux physical machines with Veeam Agent installed.

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To get a Veeam Agent machine use the following requests.

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New Inventory Browser

For REST API 1.1-rev1, a new inventory browser was implemented, which supports not only browsing VMware vSphere infrastructure but also VMware Cloud Director.

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Malware Detection

Now you can manage malware events. Use a third-party antivirus software and integrate it with the REST API to create a malware event that will trigger quick backup. For details on enabling Incident API, see the Incident API section of the Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide.

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SIEM Integration

Using REST API 1.1-rev1, you can configure receiving SNMP traps containing job results and set up an external syslog server that processes the events written by Veeam Backup & Replication.

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KMS Servers

REST API 1.1-rev1 also supports managing KMS servers for data encryption.

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Google Cloud Service Accounts

REST API 1.1-rev1 includes new operations for Google service accounts.

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Page updated 11/30/2023

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