Minor Non-Breaking Changes

The following new resource properties and property values were introduced in REST API 1.1-rev0.

Managed Servers

Now a successful HTTP DELETE request to the `/api/v1/backupInfrastructure/managedServers/{id}` path not only returns a 201 code but a response body with an InfrastructureItemDeletion session. To check the deletion progress, track the state parameter of the state. For more information, see Remove Server.


  • Now you can specify a cleanup mode for repositories with rotated drives. To do this, use the RotatedDriveCleanupMode property in the RepositoryAdvancedSettingsModel. The property is optional.
  • Now you can enable and disable the limit for concurrent tasks and limit for reading and writing speed using the new enableTaskLimit and enableReadWriteLimit properties.
  • You can overwrite the owner of an object storage repository. It can be useful if the repository is owned by another backup server. In this case, specify the overwriteOwner query parameter when adding the object storage.

Page updated 11/30/2023

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