PUT Method

The HTTP PUT method is used to update the properties of the resource. New settings are specified in a request body.

For example, to change the description and tag for a credentials record that has the specified ID, send the following request:


PUT https://enterprise01.tech.local:9419/api/v1/credentials/646c4e00-d979-4f3b-bb9d-cad39b52929a


Request Body


 "id": "646c4e00-d979-4f3b-bb9d-cad39b52929a",

 "type": "Standard",

 "username": "tech\\sheila.d.cory",

 "description": "New description for 646c4e00-d979-4f3b-bb9d-cad39b52929a",

 "tag": "New tag for 646c4e00-d979-4f3b-bb9d-cad39b52929a"


In case of success, the HTTP PUT method returns the 200 response code and updated properties in the response.

Page updated 2/15/2024

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