Minor Non-Breaking Changes

The following minor non-breaking changes were introduced in REST API 1.1-rev1.

Inventory Browser

The EVmwareInventoryType enum type now includes the DVSNetwork value.

Cloud Browser

The Get Cloud Hierarchy request now has the resetCache parameter that allows you to reset the cache for this request.


  • Now the isHighPriority, storage, guestProcessing and schedule properties of the BackupJobSpec object are not required in the request body when you create a job. If you do not specify a property, it is filled in with a default value.
  • Now the localTime property of job schedule is set to the hh:mm time format.
  • Now the BackupStorageSettingsEncryptionModel object contains the kmsServerId and encryptionType property that defines the encryption method (ByUserPassword or ByKms).

Restore Points and Replica Restore Points

Added the malwareStatus property that indicates a malware status of restore points (Clean, Suspicious or Infected). The property is optional.

Entire VM Restore

Now you can granularly specify datastores for VM disks and VM configuration files.


The ESessionType enum type now includes the following new session types:

  • FileLevelRestore
  • LinuxFileLevelRestore
  • ReplicaJob
  • ConfigurationResynchronize
  • Failover
  • PlannedFailover
  • PermanentFailover
  • UndoFailover
  • Failback
  • CommitFailback
  • UndoFailback
  • SwitchReplicaToProduction
  • CloudDirectorVmRestore
  • CloudDirectorVAppRestore
  • MalwareDetection


Now the ManageServerImportSpecCollection object includes the cloudDirectorHosts property.

Page updated 11/30/2023

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