Step 2. Select RDS Instances and Restore Points

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    At the RDS Instance step of the wizard, select DB instances that you plan to restore and select a restore point for each DB instance:

    1. On the right of the wizard window, click Add.
    2. In the Backup Browser window, expand the necessary backup policy, select DB instances and click Add.
    3. By default, AWS Plug-in for Veeam Backup & Replication restores DB instances to the latest state. However, you can restore DB instances to an earlier state:
    1. In the RDS instance list, select the necessary DB instance and click Point.
    2. In the Restore Points window, select the restore point from which you want to restore the instance and click Add.


    If you want to restore a DB instance from an Amazon snapshot created in AWS without using Veeam Backup for AWS, open the <Appliance name> node and select the necessary snapshot.

    Step 2. Select RDS Instances and Restore Points