Step 3. Choose Restore Mode

At the Restore Mode step of the wizard, choose whether you want to restore Amazon EC2 instances to the original or new location:

  • To restore EC2 instances with initial settings to the original AWS Region, select the Restore to the original location option.

If you select this option, you will proceed to the Reason step of the wizard.


Mind the following:

  • To restore to the original location, the IAM role that you specify must belong to the AWS account where the selected restore point was created.
  • The original EC2 instance will be automatically powered off and removed from Amazon EC2 after the restore process completes successfully.
  • The private IP address of an EC2 instance will be restored only if this address is not used. If the address is used, a new private IP address will be assigned to the restored EC2 instance.
  • To restore EC2 instances to a different AWS Region or with different settings, select the Restore to a new location, or with different settings option.

If you select this option, the Restore to Amazon EC2 wizard will include additional steps for specifying the target AWS Region and EC2 instance settings.

Step 3. Choose Restore Mode