To deploy Mine with Veeam, perform the following steps:

  1. Install a Mine appliance and deploy the foundation server as described in Nutanix documentation.
  2. Deploy a Nutanix Object Store with 4 workers and 3 load balancers as described in Nutanix documentation.
  3. [Applies only if no DHCP server is available in the network to which Mine components will be connected] In the Prism Element console, enable the DHCP service and create an IP pool for 5 IP addresses as described in Nutanix documentation.
  4. Log in to the foundation server console as described in section Accessing Mine Console.
  5. Launch and complete the Setup wizard as described in section Installing Mine with Veeam.
  6. [Applies to Mine with Veeam 3.0 deployments] Connect Mine with Veeam 3.0 backup repositories and backup proxies to Mine with Veeam 4.0 as described in section Connecting Mine with Veeam 3.0 Backup Infrastructure.