Updating Network Settings

If you do not want the foundation server to obtain network settings automatically from a DHCP server, you can configure them manually in the VM console:

  1. In a web browser, navigate to the virtual IP address of the cluster. You can also use the IP address or the hostname of a Controller VM in the cluster.
  2. In the username and password fields, enter credentials of a user account with Prism Element administrative privileges, and press [Enter] on the keyboard.
  3. From the main menu, navigate to the VMs dashboard, select Foundation for Mine with Veeam VM and click the Launch Console button to open the VM console.
  4. To log in to the VM console, specify credentials that you use to access the Mine console.
  5. Open the network settings file using the following command:

$ sudo nano /etc/netplan/eth0.yaml

  1. Replace the default network settings with your settings: enter a static IP address to assign to the foundation server and the subnet mask, a default gateway IP address, and IP addresses of the primary and alternate DNS servers. For example, to assign the IP address with the gateway server and DNS servers as and, update the settings in the following way:


 version: 2

 renderer: networkd



     dhcp4: no

     addresses: []


      - to: default



       addresses: [,]



The network configuration yaml file is sensitive to the number of line indents (spaces) that define the structure of the settings. If the number of indents is incorrect, network configuration will become invalid. In this case, an error message will be displayed, for example:

Invalid YAML at //etc/netplan/eth0.yaml line 7 column 6: did not find expected key

  1. Apply the updated configuration using the following command:

$ sudo netplan apply



To troubleshoot issues related to the updated network settings, use the following command:

$ sudo netplan --debug apply

  1. If you have already deployed Mine with Veeam, reboot the foundation server and redeploy Mine dashboard.