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Performance Analysis Monitors

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The Veeam MP for VMware has a unique feature of Performance Analysis Monitors. These monitors can:

1.Accept multiple performance metric inputs, with multiple thresholds.

2.Gather related data on other vSphere objects and perform realtime analytics.

3.Output dynamically generated Alert Descriptions

The auto-generated description text may include:

‘Top N’ related objects (for example the “Top 5 VMs for CPU usage” on a given host)

Troubleshooting hints (such as “CPU Limit setting on this VM is very low”)

Additional guidance and metric correlation data

The definition for one of these advanced monitors is shown below as an example. This monitor gathers 3 key metrics related to VM memory usage, specifically:




For definitions of these metrics see the Veeam MP for VMware Reference.

In This Section

Example Performance Analysis Monitors

Datastore Performance Analysis Monitors

Datastore Cluster Analysis Monitors

vSphere Cluster Analysis Monitors

Resource Pool/vApp Analysis Monitors

vSphere Host Analysis Monitors

Virtual Machine Performance Analysis Monitors

Overriding Performance Analysis Monitors

Table of contents