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Upgrading from Veeam MP 6.x to Veeam MP 8.0

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Before you upgrade, make sure the following accounts have appropriate privileges — local Administrator rights:

The account(s) under which the setups will be launched

The account under which VE Service will run

The account under which Veeam VMware Collector service will run

Make sure that the Veeam UI is closed.

To preserve the existing configuration, if possible install the new components on the same servers where the previous version of the product runs.

To upgrade from Veeam MP 6.x to Veeam MP 8.0:

1.Upgrade VE Service, Veeam UI and Veeam VMware Collector.

2.Upgrade additional Veeam VMware Collectors.

3.Import management packs for 8.0.

4.Delete obsolete override MPs.

Table of contents