Instant Disk Recovery from Storage Snapshots

You can instantly recover a VM disk from a storage snapshot without prior de-staging and intermediate restores. Instant Disk Recovery accelerates VM restore, improves RTOs and decreases downtime of production VMs.


First Class Disks (FCD) are not supported for Instant Disk Recovery from storage snapshots.

Requirements for Instant Disc Recovery from Storage Snapshots

Before you perform Instant Disk Recovery, check the following requirements:

  • You must add the storage system to the backup infrastructure.
  • You must check limitations for data recovery from storage snapshots.
  • If you recover a VM disk to the existing disk, this will delete the existing disk.
  • [For storage systems working over Fibre Channel] To let Veeam Backup & Replication present snapshots of LUNs to an ESXi host, you must register the ESXi host with a WWN ID on the storage system.
  • [For NetApp ONTAP storage systems] Depending on the storage type, you may need to install additional licenses on the storage system. For more information, see Required Licenses for NetApp.

Performing Instant Disk Recovery from Storage Snapshots

For information on performing Instant Disk Recovery, see section the Performing Instant Disk Recovery section in the Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide.