Breaking Changes

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    The following list contains changes that cause REST API v3.0 to function differently:

    Behavior Changes

    • Removed the ability to assign UID to async actions run by deployment operations. Deploy logs can be accessed after the deployment process finished.
    • Added the Acknowledged value to the status enum of the LastAlarmActivation schema. Note that this value may stand for warning or error.

    Schema Changes Causing Compatibility Issues

    • Removed the username and origin properties of the AuthenticationResult schema for security purposes.
    • If MFA is enabled for a user, this user cannot authenticate in REST API v3.0.
    • Moved the information on protected data size from the ProtectedComputerManagedByBackupServer schema to the ProtectedComputerManagedByBackupServerBackup schema. In REST API v3.0, the sourceSize, totalRestorePointSize and latestRestorePointSize properties always has the 0 value.
    • Moved the destination and backupType properties from the ProtectedVirtualMachine schema to the ProtectedVirtualMachineBackup schema. In REST API v3.0, the destination property always has empty value and the backupType property value is always Unknown.
    • Moved the targetType property from the ProtectedComputerManagedByConsole schema to the ProtectedComputerManagedByConsoleJob schema. In REST API v3.0, the targetType property value is always Unknown.
    • Renamed the following values in the DiscoveryRuleFilterOperationSystemType enum:
    • Server => WindowsServer
    • Workstation => WindowsWorkstation

    In REST API v3.0, the server returns initial values.

    • Added the Minutes value to the SubscriptionPlanTimeMeasure enum that is not extensible. In REST API v3.0, modified time values are converted to hours. The computeResourcesPrice value is multiplied by 60. The freeComputeResources value is divided by 60. If the result is a whole number, time value is converted to hours. Otherwise, the previous value is saved.