Breaking Changes

The following list contains changes that cause previous versions of Veeam Service Provider Console REST API to function differently:

Behavior Changes

  • Filter and Sort query parameters are now available for v3.1 operations.
  • Recent version of cloud gateways provide DNS name instead of external IP. It causes older client versions to receive DNS name instead of IP address in the externalIp property of the CloudGateway schema.

Schema Changes Causing Compatibility Issues

  • Added the read-only:true attribute to the automaticExtensionStatus property of the PulseLicense schema. Any changes to the property value will not apply.
  • Removed the isAutomaticExtensionEnabled property from the PulseLicenseInput schema. For older client versions, the value will automatically have the false value.
  • Modified the maximum values of the following properties of the SubscriptionPlan schema:
  • freeCloudStorageConsumedSpace
  • freeFileShareBackupUsedSpace
  • freeFileShareArchiveUsedSpace
  • freeSourceAmountOfData
  • freeCloudRepositoryConsumedSpace

The new maximum values depend on measurement units:

  • 1048576 for GB
  • 1024 for TB
  • If the value of the role property of the IdentityProviderRoleMappingRule schema is CompanyOwner or ResellerOwner, it cannot be modified. If the property value is different, it cannot be modified to become CompanyOwner or ResellerOwner.
  • Removed the usedSockets and sockets properties from the VOneServerLicense schema. The older client versions return the 0 value for these properties.