Breaking Changes

The following list contains changes that cause previous versions of Veeam Service Provider Console REST API to function differently:

  • The following properties were moved from the ProtectedOnPremisesFileShare schema to the ProtectedOnPremisesFileShareBackup schema:
  • jobUid
  • repositoryUid
  • archiveRepositoryUid
  • archiveSize
  • shortTermBackupSize
  • sourceSize
  • sources
  • Removed the DeleteSiteLicense operation from all versions.
  • The operationMode property of a backup policy can no longer be modified using the PatchBackup policy operation. Instead, use the PatchWindowsBackupPolicy or PatchLinuxBackupPolicy operation.
  • Changed the UID generation mechanism for protected VMs. The instanceUid property of the ProtectedVirtualMachine schema now has different values from the ones present for the same instances in the previous Veeam Service Provider Console versions.