Limit System Query Option (limit)

The limit System Query Option is used to include in a first page of a response only the first N items of a resource collection.

For example, to show in a response only the first three backup servers from the /backupServers collection, send the following request:

GET https://<hostname>:1280/api/v3/architecture/backupServers?limit=3

You can combine the limit and the offset options to request a particular set of items. Note that the offset option is applied before the limit option, regardless of its position in the request. That is, top results are selected from a collection where a set of items is already excluded.

For example, to return five companies that follow the first ten companies available in Veeam Service Provider Console, send the following request:

GET https://<hostname>:1280/api/v3/organizations/companies?offset=10&limit=5

Veeam Service Provider Console RESTful API returns resources in the default order based on its own semantics.

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