Limit Parameter

The limit query parameter specifies the number of resources that a single response page contains.

For example, to show in a response only the first three backup servers from the /backupServers collection, send the following request:

GET https://<hostname>:1280/api/v3/infrastructure/backupServers?limit=3

Note that the limit parameter value cannot surpass the maximum number of elements on page which is 500 by default. For details, see Pagination.

You can combine the limit and the offset parameter to request a particular set of items. Note that the offset parameter is applied before the limit parameter, regardless of its position in the request. That is, top results are selected from a collection where a set of items is already excluded.

For example, to return 5 companies that follow the first 10 companies available in Veeam Service Provider Console, send the following request:

GET https://<hostname>:1280/api/v3/organizations/companies?offset=10&limit=5

The Veeam Service Provider Console REST API returns resources in the default order based on its own semantics.