Resource Changes

The following list contains changes to operations and schemas. Note that these changes do not affect REST API v3.0 functionality.

Operation Changes

  • The CreateUser operation now returns a response based on the User schema.
  • Added the siteUid required parameter to multiple GET requests related to the vCD infrastructure:
  • GetVcdServer
  • GetVcdOrganizations
  • GetVcdOrganizationsByVcd
  • GetVcdOrganization
  • GetVcdOrganizationVDCs
  • GetVcdOrganizationVDCsByOrganization
  • GetVcdOrganizationVDC
  • GetVcdOrganizationUsers
  • GetVcdOrganizationUsersByOrganization

This parameter allows to avoid identifier collisions for each vCD host that is added to multiple Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructures.

  • Applied structural changes to the operations related to company replication resources:
  • Deleted the GetCompanySiteReplicationResource and GetCompanySiteVcdReplicationResource operations.
  • The GetCompanySiteReplicationResources and GetCompanySiteVcdReplicationResources operations now return representation of a single resource instead of a resource collection.
  • Renamed the UserId path parameter to UserUid in the following operations:
  • AddAsymmetricAlgorithmLogin
  • GetUserLogins
  • GetUserLogin
  • RevokeAuthenticationToken
  • DeleteUserLogin
  • UpdateUserLogin
  • The UpdateWindowsBackupAgent is now processed as an async action.
  • Fixed the Cyrillic character and typo in the availableToAssignForCompanyUid query string parameter of the GetBackupPolicies operation.
  • Renamed the /organizations/companies/{companyUid}/sites/{siteUid}/traffc endpoint to /organizations/companies/{companyUid}/sites/{siteUid}/traffic.
  • Renamed the deployTaskUid path parameter of the GetDeploymentLog operation to deploymentTaskUid.
  • The DeleteBackupAgentJobAsync is now processed as an async action.
  • Added the format : uuid attribute to the vcdServerUid parameter of the GetVcdServer operation.

ID Changes

  • GetBackupAgentJobs => GetWindowsBackupAgentJobs
  • GetBackupAgentJobsByAgent => GetWindowsBackupAgentJobsByAgent
  • GetBackupAgentJob => GetWindowsBackupAgentJob
  • DeleteBackupAgentJob => DeleteWindowsBackupAgentJob
  • StartBackupAgentJob => StartWindowsBackupAgentJob
  • StopBackupAgentJob => StopWindowsBackupAgentJob
  • GetJobLogs => GetWindowsJobLogs
  • GetJobsOfProtectedComputersManagedByConsole => GetProtectedComputersManagedByConsoleJobs
  • PatchBackupAgentJob => PatchWindowsBackupAgentJob
  • GetCompanySiteTrafficResources=> GetCompanySiteTrafficResource
  • GetBackupServerLicenses => GetBackupServersLicenses
  • GetDeployLog  => GetDeploymentLog

Schema Changes

  • In the SubscriptionPlan and SubscriptionPlanInput schemas, the properties are now split into groups.
  • In the BackupAgentPlatformType enum of the BackupAgent schema, the Cloud value is now split into Cloud and Virtual.
  • Renamed the userId property of the UserLogin schema to userUid.
  • Created a clone of the mode property in the BackupPolicy schema that is named operationMode. The mode property remains for backward compatibility.
  • Changed structures of the schemas related to replication resources:
  • Added the isFailoverCapabilitiesEnabled property to the CompanySiteReplicationResource, CompanySiteReplicationResourceInput, CompanySiteVcdReplicationResource and CompanySiteVcdReplicationResourceInput schemas. If the property has the true value in a request that creates a new replication resource, a new network appliance is automatically created with default values.
  • Added the isPublicAllocationEnabled and numberOfPublicIps properties to the CompanySiteReplicationResource and CompanySiteReplicationResourceInput schemas.
  • Deleted the isFailoverCapabilitiesEnabled, isPublicAllocationEnabled and numberOfPublicIps properties from the CompanySiteResource schema.
  • Renamed the replicationResourceUid property of the CompanySiteReplicationResourceUsage schema to hardwarePlanUid.
  • Renamed the vcdReplicationResourceUid property of the CompanySiteVcdReplicationResourceUsage schema to dataCenterUid.
  • Renamed the backupPolicyUid property of the AutoDeploymentSettings schema to windowsBackupPolicyUid.
  • Added the isAlarmDetectEnabled property to the CompanyInput schema. If a company is created in REST API v3.0, the default value of the property is false.
  • Added the useMasterManagementAgentCredentials and scheduleSettings properties to the WindowsNetworkBasedDiscoveryRuleInput, WindowsActiveDirectoryBasedDiscoveryRuleInput and WindowsCustomDiscoveryRuleInput schemas. If a discovery rule is created in REST API v3.0, the default value of the useMasterManagementAgentCredentials property is true and the scheduleSettings property value is null.
  • Renamed the wanAccelerationUid property of the CompanySiteBackupResource schema to wanAcceleratorUid.
  • Renamed the lastHearbeatTime property of the ManagementAgent schema to lastHeartbeatTime.
  • Added the mfaPolicyStatus property to the UserInput schema. If a user is created in REST API v3.0, the default value of the property is false.
  • Added the mfaToken, mfaCode, code, publicKey properties to the OAuth2Result schema. The default value of the properties is null.
  • Added the alias properties to the OrganizationInput schema. The default value of the property is null.
  • Added the trustOptions property to the DiscoveryRuleNetwork schema. If a discovery rule is created in REST API v3.0, the default value of the property is null.
  • Renamed the domainCredentials enum of the WindowsNetworkBasedDiscoveryRuleInput, WindowsActiveDirectoryBasedDiscoveryRuleInput and WindowsCustomDiscoveryRuleInput schemas to discoveryRuleCredentials.
  • Added the notifyOnTheFirstRun property to the DiscoveryRuleNotificationSettings schema. If a discovery rule is created in REST API v3.0, the default value of the property is null.
  • In the type enum of the SubscriptionPlan schema, renamed the Predifined value to Predefined.
  • Added the restoreSession property to the BackupFailoverPlanObject schema. This property contains the BackupFailoverPlanRestoreSession subschema.
  • In the WindowsBackupAgentJob (previously BackupAgentJob) schema, the AvgDuration property now has the null value instead of the 0 value.
  • In the BackupAgentAssignedBackupPolicy schema, the assignedDate and assignedBy properties now return the null value for policies configured for Linux and Mac computers.

Schema Renaming

  • BackupAgentJob => WindowsBackupAgentJob
  • ProtectedComputerJob => ProtectedComputerManagedByConsoleJob
  • ProtectedComputerRestorePoint => ProtectedComputerManagedByConsoleRestorePoint
  • DeploymentConfiguraion => DeploymentConfiguration
  • LinuxDeploymentConfiguraion => LinuxDeploymentConfiguration
  • LicenseReportParemeters => LicenseReportParameters
  • BackupPolicyMode => BackupJobOperationMode
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