Select Parameter

The select parameter is used to return only selected resource properties in a response.

The parameter accepts the array data type. To return selected properties, use the select parameter in the following format:

GET https://<hostname>:1280/api/v3/<endpoint>?select=[{"propertyPath":"<property>"}]


  • endpoint is a resource collection endpoint.
  • property is the searched property name.

Select Parameter Note:

To select property of a resource subschema, use the "<subschema>.<property>" format to specify the resource property name where <subschema> is the subschema name.

For example, to return the /organizations/resellers collection with only reseller UID, name and status displayed, send the following request:

GET https://vspc:1280/api/v3/organizations/resellers?select=[{"propertyPath":"instanceUid"},{"propertyPath":"name"},{"propertyPath":"status"}]