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    To increase readability and optimize network traffic, the Veeam Service Provider Console REST API v3 applies pagination to a number of responses that contain array of values. Operations that return responses with pagination are marked with the x-veeam-pagination: true extension in the specification.

    Pagination data is returned in the pagingInfo subsection of the meta section of a response and includes the following properties:

    • total — total number of resources returned.
    • count — number of resources on the current page. The default value is 100. You can modify this number using the limit parameter.
    • offset — number of resources skipped. You can skip resources using the offset parameter.

    Pagination Note:

    If the number of resources in a collection changes, some resources can move from one page to another.

    You can increase page size to a specific number of elements. To do that:

    1. On the Veeam Service Provider Console server, go to the \Veeam\Service Provider Console\RestAPI directory and open the appsettings.json file.
    2. In the MaxPageSize parameter value, specify the desired number of resources on a page.

    Note that the maximum value is 2147483647.