Step 3. Specify Service Account Name

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    At the Service Account step of the wizard, choose whether you want Veeam Backup for GCP to access the selected project using an existing or a newly created service account.

    • To use an already existing service account, use the Account name field to enter the name of the account. To check whether the specified account has all the necessary permissions required to perform data protection tasks for the project, click Check permissions. For more information on the required permissions, see this Veeam KB article.

    You can view the list of all service accounts associated with the project on the the Service Accounts page in the Google Cloud Console. For more information, see Google Cloud documentation.

    • To create a new service account, enter a name for the account in the Account name field, and click Generate and download script. Veeam Backup for GCP will generate a gcloud script that you can run in your Google Cloud Console to create an account with the specified name and to assign all the necessary permissions.

    The following characters are not supported: \ / " ' [ ] : | < > + = ; , ? * @ & _ . For more information on naming restrictions for GCP service accounts, see Google Cloud documentation.


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