Step 1. Choose Project for Worker Instances

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    The type of each deployed worker instance is selected based on the regional quota. To boost operational performance and to reduce GCP data transfer costs, the largest machine type that Veeam Backup for GCP may require when deploying a worker instance is e2-highcpu-8. That is why it is recommended that you allocate a single specific project just for your worker instances so that you do not breach GCP quota limits.

    To choose a project where worker instances will be created, do the following:

    1. Switch to the Configuration page.
    2. Navigate to Worker Configurations.
    3. Click the link in the Project section.
    4. In the Choose Project window, select the necessary project and click Apply.



    After you choose a project, do not try to change it by clicking the link in the Project section. Otherwise, all created worker configurations will be removed automatically as soon as you choose another project.


    Adding Worker Configuration