Configuring Alarm Notifications

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    To ensure you do not miss critical events or state changes in the managed infrastructure, you can configure Veeam ONE to send notifications when alarms are triggered. There are the following types of notification:

    • Email notifications
    • SNMP traps

    In this scenario, you will configure email notifications. Email notifications contain basic information about the issue that caused the alarm. Veeam ONE can send notifications when a new alarm is triggered or when an existing alarm changes its status. To follow this scenario, you must have an SMTP server.

    To configure email notifications:

    1. Open Veeam ONE Client.

    For more information, see Accessing Veeam ONE Client.

    1. On the toolbar, click Notifications.

    The Notification Settings wizard will open.

    Configuring Notifications

    1. At the SMTP Server step of the wizard, specify the following details:
    • In the SMTP server field, specify DNS name or IP address of the SMTP server that must be used for sending email notifications.
    • In the Port field, change the SMTP communication port if required.
    • In the From field, enter an email address of the notification sender.

    This email address will be displayed in the From field of the email header.

    • For an SMTP server with SSL support, select Use secure connection to enable SSL data encryption.
    • If your SMTP server requires authentication, select the Use authentication check box and specify authentication credentials in the Login and Password fields.

    Configuring Alarm Notifications

    1. At the Email Notifications step of the wizard, specify the following details:
    • In the Add or remove recipient email addresses field, specify the email address of the notification recipient and click Add.

    Repeat this action for every recipient.

    • From the Notification Level list, select the severity of alarms about which recipients must be notified (Any state, Errors and warnings, Errors only, Resolved).

    Configuring Alarm Notifications 

    1. Click Finish.

    More Information

    For more information about alarm notifications, see section Configuring Alarm Notifications of the Veeam ONE Working with Alarms Guide.