Installing Veeam ONE

To install Veeam ONE:

  1. Download the Veeam ONE installation image file at and mount it to the machine.
  2. Run the Setup.exe file from the installation image.
  3. On the splash window, click Install. The Veeam ONE Setup wizard will open.

Installation Splash Window

  1. At the License Agreements step of the wizard, read and accept Veeam license agreement, licensing policy, 3rd party components and required software license agreements. You will not be able to continue installation until you accept license agreements.

To read the terms of the license agreements, click View.

  1. At the Deployment Scenario step of the wizard, select All-in-one.
  2. At the System Configuration Check step of the wizard, click Install to install missing software components and enable missing features, if any.

System Configuration Check

  1. At the Installation Path step of the wizard, choose the directory where all the infrastructure components will be installed.

Specify Installation Path

  1. At the Service Account step of the wizard, specify credentials of the local administrator account in the DOMAIN\USERNAME format.

Specify Credentials

  1. At the SQL Server Instance step of the wizard, select Install new instance of SQL Server. The setup will install Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express locally.
  2. At the Operation Mode step of the wizard, select Licensed mode and specify the path to purchased license or trial key.

Provide License

  1. At the Connection Configuration step of the wizard, leave the default values.
  2. At the Performance Data Caching step of the wizard, choose a directory where the performance cache must be located.

Cash Folder

  1. At the Data Collection Mode step of the wizard, select Veeam backup data and virtual infrastructure performance monitoring.

Data Collection Mode

  1. At the Ready to Install step of the wizard, click Install to begin the installation. When the installation completes, click Finish to close the wizard.

More Information

For more information about the typical installation scenario, see section All-in-One Installation of the Veeam ONE Deployment Guide.