Business View Categorization

To simplify the management of the connected infrastructure, Veeam ONE Client allows organizing virtual and backup infrastructure objects into categories and groups.

Category is a logical division of the infrastructure. Group is a collection of infrastructure objects that share same characteristics or match same criteria. You can think of a group as a tag assigned to an object. Each category includes one or more groups.

By default, Veeam ONE Client categorizes objects into predefined groups. To categorize objects into different groups, you can use the following methods:

  • Single-Parameter Categorization — this method allows you to create groups automatically based on the values of a single property.
  • Multiple-Condition Categorization — this method allows you to create groups manually by combining multiple properties and logical operators.
  • Grouping Expressions — this method allows you to create groups based on properties, operators and methods included into expressions.

In this section, you will review the following examples:

More Information

For more information about categorization, see section Business View of the Veeam ONE Monitoring Guide.