Global Changes

The following changes affect most of the Veeam Service Provider Console REST API operations and functionality:

  • Added sort, filter and select parameters.
  • Changed logic of HTTP-code assignment:
  • All client errors (400–499) are returned with the associated HTTP status codes.
  • All server errors (≥500) are returned with the 520 HTTP status code.

v 3.0 response codes remain unchanged.

  • Improved JSON Patch request processing:
  • If a request includes modification of read-only properties, the operation will result in error.
  • Inlayed entities can be added directly into a resource. The hierarchy is created automatically with default values.
  • Introduced the time-of-day (HH:MM:SS) string format in the specification.
  • Enabled page size configuration.

Note that increasing page size may lead to throttling malfunctioning and Veeam Service Provider Console server resource overuse.

  • Added CORS settings.
  • Included REST API Client into the installation package.
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