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Veeam Availability Console 3.0
Deployment Guide

Distributed Installation Scenario

You can install Veeam Availability Console on a physical or virtual machine, using the distributed installation scenario. In this scenario, the Veeam Availability Console Server and Web UI components are installed on different machines. Distributed scenario is preferable for large-scale deployments.

To install Veeam Availability Console using the distributed installation scenario, perform the following steps:

  1. Check prerequisites.
  2. Install Veeam Availability Console Server component.
  3. Install Veeam Availability Console Web UI component.

Distributed Installation Scenario Important!

If you choose the distributed installation scenario, mind the following limitation: you cannot install the server part on the computer that is already hosting the client part, and vice versa.

Before You Begin

Before you begin the installation process, make sure that:

For details, see System Requirements.

  • All required ports are open.

For details, see Ports.

  • Make sure that the machines on which you plan to install Veeam Availability Console Server and Web UI components can communicate with each other over the network.
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