Veeam Availability Console 3.0
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Recommendations for Large-Scale Environments

To achieve maximum performance of Veeam Availability Console in large-scale environments, use configuration and sizing recommendations provided in this section. The recommended configurations can be equally used for POC deployments and deployments in production.

Provided recommendations are based on results obtained from tests performed by Veeam Software in our lab environment. Recommendations for your environment may depend on the intensity of operations and specific use cases.

General Recommendations

It is recommended that you install the following Veeam Availability Console infrastructure components on dedicated machines.

  • Veeam Availability Console server
  • Microsoft SQL Server hosting the Veeam Availability Console database
  • Veeam Cloud Connect server

In large-scale environments, each of these components might handle a large amount of workload. Installing the components on different machines will help balance the workload.

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