Exceeding License Limit

If your license key has expired or you have exceeded your license limit, Veeam affords extension of license time and amount to ensure you continue to meet your service agreements.

While using rental licenses for Veeam Backup & Replication, Veeam ONE, Veeam Service Provider Console, Veeam Cloud Connect, and Veeam Recovery Orchestrator, the grace period allows:

  • 20 workloads or 20% more than your license limit.
  • A grace period of 60 days.

Exceeding License Limit 


Exceeding license algorithm as well as information about the grace period are built into Veeam products. It is not possible to disable exceed logic or change the threshold values.

You can read more about the protocols for exceeding license limits in the corresponding articles:

For Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 rental licenses, the limits are:

  • 20 users or 20% more than your license limit. Consider the following:
    • If limits are exceeded, you may process backups according to the FIFO queue (first in, first out) and no more accounts will be processed.
    • If you enable ALK Update, limits will be doubled (40 users or 40% more than your license limit).
  • A grace period of 1 month. If grace period is exceeded up to 2 months, the FIFO queue process applies.

If you reach or exceed your license limit, you may adjust your license key in VCSP Pulse.