Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Rental agreements for VCSP partners offer a rental pricing program:

  1. Each product in the VCSP program has an assigned a Point Per Unit (PPU) value, delineated by workload and edition where applicable.
  2. Veeam Aggregators offer standard price-per-point (PPP) rental agreements that follow pre-negotiated software cost which corresponds to the level of commitment. You may upgrade at any time as your consumption grows. Each upgrade commences a new 12-month commitment.
  3. After signing your agreement and beginning to use Veeam Rental products, you will report your consumption of Veeam by the fifth day of each month via the VCSP Pulse platform and receive a bill from your Veeam Aggregator.

For more information about pay-as-you-go pricing, contact a VCSP Sales Representative or find a Veeam Aggregator.