Veeam ONE

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    Product Overview

    Veeam ONE provides monitoring and reporting for virtualized infrastructure (VI) and many Veeam installations, including Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam Cloud Connect. This visibility enables capacity planning, heat mapping, backup success and more.

    For more information about configuring monitoring and reporting, see the Veeam Helpcenter.

    Usage Reporting

    While Veeam ONE monitoring and reporting supports variety of use cases, many of these use cases are free. For example, users of Veeam Cloud Connect can use Veeam ONE to monitor cloud backups and replicas without consuming any paid Veeam ONE licenses.

    Licenses are only consumed when monitoring and reporting on workloads protected by Veeam Backup & Replication, displaying counters for ‘Virtual Machines,’ ‘Cloud Machines,’ ‘Agent Workstations,’ ‘Agent Servers’ and ‘File Shares.’

    To capture accurate usage reports, follow the steps in the Veeam ONE Deployment Guide, or leverage available RESTful APIs.


    Veeam ONE is entitled using a specialized Veeam Universal License, available exclusively for VCSP Rental users.

    By default, Veeam ONE enables data collection for every workload managed in the Veeam Backup & Replication installation it’s connected to. To control which machines are monitored (thereby reducing the number of consumed licenses), refer to the Veeam ONE Deployment Guide.

    Each workload under protection consumes the license at a rate in alignment with the VCSP Rental Price Per Point (PPU). To find the most up-to-date PPU, log in to the ProPartner Portal and access the PPU Information Sheet.