Automatic License Reporting

To streamline your license usage reporting process, enable automatic license reporting. This allows VCSP Pulse to automatically collect and populate the license usage from all backup environments that use VCSP Rental licensing. Also, you can reduce the time spent on the preparation of the monthly license usage report.

Veeam products using automatic license reporting must have an access to the license update servers specified in the Automatic License Key Update section.


When you create the automatically reported license for the first time, it is valid for 2,5 months. After the period ends, the license will be extended every month if you submit license usage report for this license on time (directly from the Veeam product or manually in VCSP Pulse). If Veeam does not receive the report, the license will be expired.


To use automatic license reporting, you must enable the feature for your account:

  1. Log in to and go to Support > Open a case.
  2. Select the General Inquiry case type.
  3. In the I have problems with field, select VCSP Pulse from the list.
  4. In the field for brief summary or detailed issue description, request to enable the feature.
  5. Submit the case.


You should continue submitting the license usage manually until automatic license reporting is enabled.

Enabling Automatic License Reporting

To enable automatic license reporting, perform the following steps:

  1. [New licenses] If you use Veeam Service Provider Console, launch a New License Key wizard in the VCSP Pulse plug-in. At the License Info step of the wizard, set the Automatic reporting toggle to On. For more information, see Creating License Keys in the Veeam Service Provider Console Guide.

Automatic License Reporting 

If you use VCSP Pulse Portal, go to Manage Licenses and set the Auto Reported License toggle to On.

Automatic License Reporting 

  1. [Existing licenses] If you use Veeam Service Provider Console, see Enabling Automatic License Reporting in the Veeam Service Provider Console Guide.
  2. Ensure that Automatic License Key Update is enabled.

If the Automatic License Key Update is enabled on the server with the Veeam product installed, the next time the server sends a request to the Veeam License Update Server the license will be automatically updated. If you want to update the license immediately, do one of the following:

Submitting License Usage

After you enable automatic license reporting, information about licenses will automatically appear in the Monthly Usages > My Actions section in the following cases:

  • When the product submits the usage automatically
  • When you manually submit the usage in the product UI

Also, the Current Month Usage column will be automatically populated.

Automatic License Reporting 

To submit the monthly usage, perform the following steps:

  1. Review automatically reported licenses.
  2. If you have Veeam Backup & Replication installations without automatically reported licenses, add the license usage manually. In the Current Month Usage column, select the product and enter the number of workloads. You can find it in Veeam Service Provider Console, in the Count column of the monthly License Usage Report.
  3. Click Submit Usage.