Adding Backup Repositories

Backup repositories store various types of backup data, such as VM backup files, VM copies, metadata for replicated VMs, configuration backups and so on. In Mine with Veeam, backup repositories are combined into a single scale-out backup repository that has a number of limitations. In large deployments, the default backup repositories deployed in the Mine with Veeam cluster may provide not enough free space to back up all workloads you need to protect. To increase the space available for backup data, you can either extend the existing scale-out backup repository or add more repositories.

To add a repository, you can do the following:

  • Deploy a physical server or a virtual machine outside the Mine with Veeam cluster, add it to the backup infrastructure and assign the role of a repository to it. Note that you must not include new repositories into the existing scale-out backup repository.

To learn how to add repositories to the backup infrastructure, see the Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide, section Adding Backup Repositories.

  • Deploy an additional Mine with Veeam cluster and connect the existing backup server to the new cluster. Backup repositories automatically deployed in this cluster will be combined into a new scale-out repository and added to the backup infrastructure.

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